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About Us | Commercial & Residential Disinfection Services

We are S.E. Michigan's authorized MicrobeCare antimicrobial disinfection application specialists. Our team of experts are trained in the latest commercial and residential electrostatic disinfection techniques. In light of the challenges we are all facing today, we feel it's our mission to help people, businesses, schools and health facilities advance confidently on the quest back to "normal" by providing the very best quality and value in disinfecting services.
Our Technology
(Pretty Cool!)

Electrostatic spraying is the most powerful and long lasting disinfectant application method available today and the only method authorized for use by MicrobeCare.  By charging the MicrobeCare  molecules through an electrostatic sprayer, the SufaceStrike team deploys a coating of germ killing antimicrobials that surround and magnetically bond to surfaces. Once applied, the solution instantly kills 99.999% of all existing germs and forms a protective bond that kills all future germs that come in contact.

Our Commitment
(We Live It!)

We are in this fight against the pandemic to win! We are committed to helping individuals, families, businesses and communities take back their "normal." Disinfecting and long term prevention play a huge role in that quest. At SurfaceStrike we are committed to helping you in any way we can. We consider our customers as friends and teammates in this fight. We will stand by your side supporting, advising and engaging in the battle against "the spread."

Our Testing
(Even Cooler!)

SurfaceStrike professionals are driven by numbers. You can't just "eyeball" clean. We use industrial grade ATP meters to test the actuals levels of cleanliness on your surfaces. Clients are often amazed what we find on places that have been supposedly "cleaned and sanitized." Our ATP meters provide real data to measure against industry standards. We not only use these tests after our initial application, but we will return to prove the longevity and efficacy of our disinfecting process.  

(Keeping it Beautiful!)

One of the greatest things about using MicrobeCare as a disinfectant is the fact that its non-toxic. Many disinfectants use poison to kill the germs (which can sometimes take up to an hour or so to be effective). MicrobeCare uses electrically charged antimicrobials that spear and electrocute immediately on contact. It's fierce against germs, but safe for the environment and people with no harmful odors or skin irritants.