• Brad Jackson

The Myth of Traditional Disinfecting

In this wild world of COVID, bottles of spray disinfectant were as rare as toilet paper! Unfortunately, most of us bought into the "point and spray" mentality to provide the safety of surface disinfection in our homes, offices, restaurants, gyms and so on. Disinfectants are extremely good at killing germs when used as directed. But how many of us ever look at a label ... just spray and wipe right? WRONG. Traditional disinfectants all have what's called a "Wet" time that is noted on the label. The surfaces must stay "wet" with the solution for the specified timeframe in order to properly disinfect. OOOPS - that's not the way I clean with that stuff. So the reality is that the majority of Americans just point, spray and wipe. While the result is a clean looking surface, it unfortunately is not a disinfected one!

The other issue raised by traditional disinfecting methods is the word PROTECTION. Once your disinfectant is wiped dry (hopefully after allowing the 3-15 minutes of wet time!) the disinfectant is useless. It provides no lasting protection. So in essence your surfaces are disinfected until the next time a germ makes contact. Once there the germ lives, thrives and multiplies until the traditional disinfectant is doused on it again. Depending on cleaning regimens that could be in an hour, a day, a week or whatever. So when using traditional disinfectants, your surfaces are only clean for a very brief moment in time...until you spray, WAIT, and wipe over and over and over again!

Enter the age of antimicrobial disinfecting. You've probably seen antimicrobials on TV or on tags for athletic clothing as they have been around for years in the clothing and medical industry. When the pandemic occurred, antimicrobials were called into action to provide immediate AND long term protection against surface contamination. We proudly feature MicrobeCare antimicrobial, widely considered the strongest and longest lasting in the market today. There is no WET time like traditional disinfectants. Nor are there harmful vapors or toxins. We electrostatically cover surfaces and germs are killed on contact (including COVID). The HUGE difference is that once dried, the antimicrobial keeps killing germs 24/ rest for the weary! One application is all it takes and we guarantee ours for a year. It's a new age - thankfully - in surface disinfecting. Don't get lulled into a false sense of security using the "spray and wipe" model. Let the experts at SurfaceStrike design a REAL protective solution for you!

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