Residential Disinfection Service for Southeast Michigan

Are you concerned about the spread of bacteria, viruses, and other sources of infection in your southeast Michigan house or apartment building? If not, you should give the matter more thought. A home or apartment disinfection service can eradicate microbes brought in by you, your family, visitors, or repair technicians.

With the annual cold and flu season and now COVID-19 raging, you need SurfaceStrike's residential disinfection service to make your home safer and ease your worries.

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SurfaceStrike's Residential Disinfection Services

At SurfaceStrike, we thoroughly spray every surface and any objects on them with our trademark MicrobeCare solution (more on this below). We test for microbes when we're finished disinfecting, and we even come back to retest and check our thoroughness. When we leave, your home's surfaces should be microbe-free.

Apartment Disinfection Service

When cleaning individual apartments before our arrival, tenants should be mindful of any germs they or their roommates might bring in on clothing or bags. And any surfaces should be wiped with a disinfecting cleaner since microbes are often airborne. When we arrive, we'll disinfect thoroughly. However, it's helpful if surface cleaning has been done beforehand.

Common areas of the apartment building are the landlord or property manager's responsibility. They should be cleaned and disinfected regularly due to the frequent traffic in and out of the building.

Private Home Disinfection Service

Private homes have less foot traffic coming and going, and, typically, there are fewer people overall occupying the premises. However, people still come and go—whether that means working outside the home, running errands, or simply walking around the neighborhood.

Homeowners should do the same pre-cleaning as apartment tenants before we arrive for our thorough house disinfection services.

SurfaceStrike's Coronavirus Disinfection Service

SurfaceStrike's COVID disinfection service is similar to our other residential disinfection services. In this case, though, we use our electrostatic sprayer to cover all surfaces—on the ceiling, in corners, under furniture, and in every other nook or cranny you have in your home.

We are thorough, and we check our work using industrial-grade ATP (adenosine triphosphate) meters to test the actual levels of cleanliness on your surfaces. ATP is present in all organic material and is the universal unit of energy used in all living cells, so these meters give a highly accurate reading on the presence of any microbes.

Our Trade "Secret"

At Surface Strike, we are proud to be authorized and trained to apply MicrobeCare. We feel it is a game-changer in the fight "against the spread." Did you know that our non-toxic disinfectant formula eradicates 99.999% of all germs? And that it keeps protecting into the future?

Reducing human error during application is critical for complete protection. The most thorough and effective method for larger areas is using an electrostatic sprayer to ensure total coverage. This device makes positively charged particles disperse and adhere to surfaces and objects.

Watch this video to see our powerful MicrobeCare sprayer in action.

Committed to You and Your Health

Whether it's the coronavirus, or attacking household germs that accumulate every day, you will benefit from our home disinfection services. So don't spend another minute worrying about you or your family getting sick.


Antimicrobial Protection in your home is critical to ensuring a safe environment for your family and friends. Please tell us a little bit about yourself and a SurfaceStrike consultant will be in contact with you shortly.

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